Amplifi - Home Networking, Unlimited.

With HD Fuel to manage and prioritize high-bandwidth traffic, SmartBeam to optimize wireless signals in the farthest corners of your home, and PowerLine 500 to provide bandwidth over your existing electrical wiring, D-Link’s family of Amplifi products are not only the fastest home networking solutions on the market, they’re also some of the smartest. HD video streams, online gaming, VOIP applications, network storage drives – Amplifi has been engineered to let you do it all, all at once. Get uninterrupted connectivity to your digital universe with complete home networking solutions that are as reliable as they are state-of-the-art.

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Up to 900Mbps speed combined with HD Fuel smarts to create the ultimate solution for connected entertainment designed to meet any digital demands you can dream up.



Boost your existing router’s wireless signal to deliver lightning-fast, uninterrupted coverage to any wireless device, anywhere in your home or small office.



SmartBeam technology tracks individual devices in your wireless network and delivers focused beams of bandwidth, simultaneously, for seamless connectivity anywhere in the home.



Plug, play and transform any power outlet into a fully-functioning Ethernet port and your building’s existing electrical wiring into a wall-to-wall network, instantly.

HD Fuel


  • Traffic Optimization Technology to Prioritize High-Bandwidth Traffic.
  • Stream, Game, Skype, Download - Now You Can Do It All, All At Once.
  • Seamless HD Video Streaming and Online Gaming.
  • Get Uninterrupted Connectivity, Free of Glitches or Lags.

HD Fuel optimizes your broadband connection to give high-bandwidth entertainment top priority. Stream, game, Skype – HD Fuel lets you do it all, all at once.

HD Fuel technology automatically manages traffic flow and optimizes your broadband connection to give your high-bandwidth entertainment the highest priority. HD video streams, online gaming, Skype, large media file downloads – with HD Fuel you can do them all, all at once, without annoying glitches or lags in your digital entertainment.

Watch Netflix® play your Xbox® 360 online or make Skype® calls – HD Fuel lets you do it all, all at once – free of the annoying lags or glitches you might experience with standard routers. HD Fuel automatically manages traffic flow, and optimizes your broadband connection to give to high-bandwidth applications like HD video streams and online gaming applications top priority. Stream multiple media content to multiple devices all at the same time – HD video, gaming, large media file downloads – HD Fuel delivers uninterrupted access to your connected devices and keeps you in control of your digital entertainment.

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  • Seamless, Uninterrupted Coverage To Multiple Wireless Devices
  • Multiple Antennas Locate and Track Individual Devices in A Wireless Network.
  • Deliver Focused, Individual Beams of Broadband to Multiple Devices, Simultaneously
  • Lighting-fast Wireless Connectivity Anywhere In Your Home Or Small Office

Get uninterrupted coverage to multiple wireless devices. SmartBeam locates and tracks individual devices in a wireless network, delivering a focused signal anywhere in the home.

SmartBeam’s multiple antennas significantly reduce interference by locating and tracking wireless devices in your network and delivering focused, individual beams of bandwidth, simultaneously. The result is an complete home wireless network, capable of providing lighting-fast, uninterrupted connectivity to any device, anywhere in your home or small office.

Build a wireless home network capable of delivering the bandwidth to handle HD video streams, large media file downloads, and online gaming to multiple devices, simultaneously. SmartBeam uses 6 multi-directional antennas to find and track individual devices , then focus beams of bandwidth to those devices, ensuring a seamless connection anywhere in the home. Ideal for homes or small offices where concrete walls, successive floors in multi-storied buildings, or other architectural impediments can weaken a wireless signal, SmartBeam creates a complete home network, capable of providing uninterrupted connectivity to any device, anywhere in your home or small office.

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PowerLine 500

We Call It PowerLine, You’ll Call It Amazing

Unleash your broadband connection anywhere in your home. PowerLine uses a building’s existing electrical wiring to deliver secure, blazing-fast connectivity to places impossible to reach with a wireless signal. With a PowerLine AV 500 Adapter or Switch there are no cables to run, holes to drill, or wireless signals to configure. Just plug, play and transform any conventional power outlet into a fully-functioning Ethernet port and your entire home into a wall-to-wall network, instantly.

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